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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Adium MAC and SIPE Addon for LYNC

The setup is simple:

Make sure you’re running Adium 1.5
Download this plugin:
Install the plugin and restart Adium
Add the new account using Office Communicator for the protocol

It doesn’t do everything (no video chat or screen sharing) – but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

[Update 5/4/12]: One thing Adium doesn’t do (but lync does) is set your status based off your calendar. I’ve addressed this via some AppleScript, as detailed here.

[Update 5/16/12]: The latest beta of Adium (1.5.1b1) uses a different version of libpurple, so the plugin doesn’t work. A quick workaround is to run the following commands in Terminal:

cd /Applications/
ln -s 0.10.5 0.10.0

Plugin is also available on V:\IT Share\IM Clients\MAC\Adium + SIPE Plugin\


  1. Doesnot work. Any ideas?

  2. Yes you need to make sure you download 1.5.4 version of Adium, they have not updated the SIPE project to the lastest version yet.

  3. I got it to work with the 64-bit version of SIPE as and Adium 1.5.6. The package for the 64-bit version is at